Dynamic. Transparent. Impeccable.

These above terms embody the pioneering performance that is core to Superlative Audio LLC. Superlative Audio is a company dedicated to pushing the limits of current technology to achieve the most accurate, lifelike and musical sound reproduction possible.

Our current products include the patented “floating bridge” SAA-250 stereo/mono amplifier. The SAA-250 utilizes hundreds of “ideal” output devices and no overall negative feedback loop without compromising the SAA-250’s distortion performance or damping factor. The resulting unique clarity is enabled by the elimination of the musical detail masking “dither” of traditional amplifier feedback designs. These factors along with extremely high bandwidth, high drive and output protection under difficult loading gives the SAA-250 unprecedented transparancy, detail and dynamics even with challenging speaker impedances..

The perfect compliment to our unique amplifier technology is the fully electrostatic SAS-1 full range line-source monopole reference speakers. This no-compromise sound reproduction system is capable of studio level playback of wide dispersion, very low distortion, phase accurate, high resolution sound fields. All of the positive attributes of electrostatic speakers are achieved with none of the drawbacks. With sealed cabinets and no rear sound wave, these speakers can be easily placed in a room, even up against or within walls.

Come explore the impeccable new state-of-the-audio-art with Superlative Audio’s ground breaking achievements.